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Protection, Preservation and Enhancement of Blair County

Welcome to NatureWorksPark

The mission of the Blair County Conservation District is the “Protection, Preservation and Enhancement of Blair County’s Natural Resources by providing Technical Assistance and Education Guidance.” To facilitate our mission, the Blair District purchased this tract of land (15 acres) in 2012. Planning was initiated to create Blair County’s first environmental specific outdoor education and recreation area.

Who is the Blair County Conservation District?

Conservation Districts are “units of government” created by PA Act 217 and are geographically based on county boundaries. Conservation District Boards are appointed by the County Commissioners and are representative of the resource base of the individual counties. The Blair County Conservation District was formed on January 5, 1966.

Why is it Important to Work with Nature?

Natural resources are not unlimited and are not always renewable within a lifetime.  The force of Nature is sometimes insurmountable. Our intent with this park was to design an open style natural area, consistent with local ordinances, and respectful of the resources on site. In this park we will demonstrate practices that you can use on your own property to “work” with and not against Nature. Don’t forget….Conservation is the key…..it is easier and cheaper to conserve than to attempt to restore a natural resource.

Fun Facts

  • There are 66 Conservation Districts in PA (all counties except Philadelphia have a District).

  • Blair County has 6,500 miles of streams running through our landscape.

  • The water that you drink today has been recycled and has been used many times before for many different uses.

  • It takes over 500 years to create an inch of topsoil.


OUR LOGO NatureWorksPark

The graphic symbol of NatureWorksPark logo was developed using a wetland tree variety called the American Sycamore tree. Our park community is located along the Beaverdam Branch of the Juniata River and is situated among the wetlands and floodplain of the river. The stately Sycamore tree, with its distinctive white mottled bark and large, broad leaves, is native to our area and is found in our riparian and wetland areas. The interlocking leaf best symbolized our mission at NatureWorksPark to work with nature and embrace the resources of the property.

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